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Federal Diagnostic Services (FDC) is an independent diagnostic center that provides extensive laboratory, to Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes. Our facility is equipped with state of the art equipment and cutting edge technology with a focus that all testing should be performed in-house despite ever changing technological advances and expanding fields of activity. FDC is registered with Quality Registrar System (QRS) ISO 9001-2015 Certified. Also the member of Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) for using X-ray facility. By researching needs, introducing new technologies, controlling quality, and adapting to the advanced information solutions, we contribute to the benefit of the medical care industry and that in turn helps people to accomplish their dreams. In all these ways, we care for people’s lives.


It is our philosophy that patients and our clients deserve quality testing, coupled with the highest level of customer service at a reasonable cost.

We believe that every specimen is more than just a sample of blood or urine, we treat every specimen tested with the same respect as we would respect the person from which it came from. We realize that every specimen represents a human being who mean as much to someone else as our own love ones mean to us.


“At FDC, we are committed to serving the healthcare needs with the following values:”

* Accountability
* Collaboration
* Compassion
* Creativity
* Empowerment
* Excellence
* Integrity
* Respect
* Trust
* Honesty


“The Quest for Excellence”

While caring for people and their lives by continuously providing high-quality analytical test results in the shortest possible time with precision, accuracy and minimum possible cost, with an unaltered desire for health and happiness.


“To be the frontiers of diagnostics”

* To provide professional laboratory services in support of excellence in patient care with competitive pricing.
* To employ state of the art laboratory resources to diagnose, monitor and prevent disease.
* To develop new test procedures in support of research in laboratory medicine.
* To act as a reference laboratory of specialized testing as a regional resource for advanced laboratory methods.
* To foster an environment that stresses service and cooperation with all members of the healthcare team.
* To strive to maintain an atmosphere of trust, compassion and care.
* Our worth is measured by the degree to which we meet the needs of those we serve, not by size or finances.


“Committed to the delivery of quality”

FDC is totally committed to the delivery of quality laboratory testing. Over the years, we have developed quality assurance management to ensure that proper laboratory practice is constantly maintained. Our objective is to provide our clients with consistently accurate and diagnostically meaningful test information. Stringent quality control programs are an integral part of our testing protocols.


“Round the clock free of charge for picking of samples”

* Courier service is available round the clock free of charge for picking of samples and quick delivery of reports at your door step. On call courier services, which are available 7 days a week as patient needs dictate.

You are in a good hands....


If you have any questions about our service, our pricing, or our support, or if you would like some general advice on using text messaging within your organisation, then please do call us, email us, complete the form below, or drop us a note.

Federal Diagnostic Center



Federal Diagnostic Center (FDC) is an independent diagnostic center that provides extensive laboratory, to Individuals, Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes.

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